Changing The World: One Smile At A Time

Changing the World: One Smile At a Time

There is so much going on with the world right now. Is it so much to ask for a little human kindness towards one another? I know that there are so many topics to discuss right now, but I simply cannot pinpoint one to discuss. 

This is for many reasons, but the main point of this post is to simply encourage us to be kind to one another. I used to think, gee, I have to do something HUGE, to make a difference in the world. Maybe I have to come up with a way to end world hunger, or stop racism in its tracks, or the list goes on for miles though.

It would be nice if I could do this. However, my logical brain has taken over, in this aspect. What I had a hard time conceiving was that I could simply be doing something ever-so-simple. 

Did you know that one simple smile to a person having a bad day could change the course of their life, and maybe even yours forever. Did you know that perhaps that one person had intentions on giving up on something very important, and then the thought to know that somebody cares, could have moved them forward to create the next world changing invention. 

You just never know. I do not know if I’ll ever have an opportunity to end world hunger, stop racism entirely (though I wish I could). What I do know, is something that some of us, myself included, need to be reminded of. I know I need this reminder daily. If I want to make a difference I have to start with me. I have to examine my heart, and ask God to do the same, because He knows it better than anybody. I will ask Him, as David did in Psalm 139, to point anything that offends Him out, and to lead me to everlasting life. 

It is not the easiest task to check ourselves, our intentions, our thoughts, our actions, and really examine where we need improvement. I suppose this is because sometimes change hurts, and it hurts to know that we are the cause of others pain at times. 

I think I have a new intentional goal, and that is trying to change anything in me, that isn’t of value. It’s kind of like digging deep within my soul to get rid of a parasite. 

 I have been blessed to be surrounded by kind people every day of my life, and I am thankful for that. I have been so overwhelmingly graced with the presence of so many beautiful souls every day, and I take from each one a lesson learned. No matter what the life experience may have been, everybody has a story. Everyone has something to offer. Everyone has something to teach, and I intend on paying more attention to the teachable moments I am encountered with on a daily basis. 

I will continue to smile at people who are having bad days. I will continue to smile at people having good days. It doesn’t matter if some people think I am weird because of it. If I can make a difference in the life of one person, then as far as I am concerned, I have done something worthwhile. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, as well as any suggestions of a simple act of kindness, or how we can better improve upon ourselves?

The Long Road Ahead and Already Travelled

Haven’t we all been on a journey before that we felt was a long road to endure, to go on. Perhaps you feel like you are on the long road now, maybe you’ve already been there. I would love to hear about your journey and I will share a bit of mine.

I believe my journey is not yet over. I never stop learning and I am grateful that God is always working on me- a work in progress at that.

In my early twenties I would often say to myself like an annoying broken record “I need to get back to God. What I’ve done just seems so unforgivable and I do not feel the presence of God that I so desperately crave.”

I grew up in church my whole life and maybe somewhere along the lines I did not know or maybe I had forgotten something very important.

God had never left me. God had never forsaken me. There came a moment in time that I had hit what felt like rock bottom. In this very moment, crying out to Jesus, in my humility, in my sadness and hurt, God spoke to me.

I experienced God’s grace like I believe I had never known, never understood before. I felt a warm embrace from a forgiving Father that I could not escape. I knew I could not do life on my own.

I heard a whisper that spoke to my heart that said “Do not be afraid. I’m not mad at you. I forgive you. Let my love surround you.”

I cried all night. I cried because I never understood the love of God until that day, not in that way. I never knew God’s grace was simple, honest, and strong. Yet, also, important to recognize without my own realization that I had sinned, never would I have come to such an understanding.

It is important to me to share my story so that, perhaps, others can experience God’s grace and so that in case you’ve forgotten or did not know- you are simply never too far gone for Him.

We all have our own revelations and incite and that is mine.

Please share your story. 🙂

My Dream House: What’s Yours?

I do not care who you are, where you live, your socioeconomic status, or personality type. We all have a dream house, whether it to be from simply going to an apartment to a cozy bungalow, or really jumping ahead to a mansion. I am going to write about what my dream house, would be like. When I dream, I like to dream like money and time are no object. I don’t think there is too much wrong with that.

Following this entry, my hope is that you would share what your dream house would be like. Perhaps you’ve already been blessed with it! Maybe it seems far out of reach. Either way, I want to read about it.

I would have a one level home. My husband is wheelchair bound, so this just makes sense for my family. There would be four bedrooms. The master bedroom would have his/her sinks in its bathroom. There would be a walk in shower in this, along with a jaccuzzi tub in the corner. I would have a walk (roll) in closet for both my husband and myself.

Three bathrooms- one for each of us.

My son’s bedroom would be large with plenty of storage for his toys and other belongings.

We would have two large guest rooms, for- you guessed it- guests!

There would be a studio room for my husband’s youtube channel and I would have an office to do my writing in.

There would a work out room, equipped with gym equipment such as weights and cardio machines.

I would have a basket ball court in my home along with a pool for swimming.

I would have state of the art SMART kitchen and living room, with lights that change colors based on the sport I am watching. That’s not too over the top is it?

And of course, last but certainly not least, a prayer room, a place to go to commit to prayer on a daily basis.

Again, please let me know about your dream home in the comment section. Happy interacting!

40 Things To Do Before 40

40 Things To Do Before 40

We all have goals, things we want to learn and do. I thought it would be a neat idea to compile a list of 40 things I wish to do before I turn 40. I’ve got almost 10 years to go but thought it would be great to start early. I would also like to know what some of the items on your bucket list maybe, or you could write your own and share it with me. Happy reading and posting!

  1. Grow closer to God and never stop learning about Jesus.
  2. Have a very successful blog. (In other words: profitable)
  3. Travel more, specifically to Florida
  4. Get in shape.
  5. See a Raptor’s game live.
  6. Find a restaurant with a small menu and over time, order every single item. 
  7. Volunteer More
  8. Read at least 40 new books. I hope more, but for now, aiming for that.
  9. Buy and enjoy a 100 dollar bottle of wine and not be worried about the price tag.
  10. Sleep under the stars.
  11. Create a scrapbook of all of my new adventures.
  12. Have a real library of books in my home. Possibly 100, of course having read at least 40.
  13. Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
  14. Get a couple of kayaks.
  15. Go kayaking more often.
  16.  See more of Canada, British Columbia, and Alberta, specifically.
  17. Hike More often.
  18. Bike more often.
  19. Swim with dolphins.
  20. Brush up on speaking skills. 
  21. Enhance my writing skills through courses, practice, reading, etc…
  22. All-day spa experience.
  23. Buy something expensive, just because when I’m 40, I can.
  24. Go somewhere’s exciting for my 40th birthday- Toronto, maybe?
  25.  Be content with relaxing and reading a book. (Can you say, somebody really wants to read?)
  26. Go to a winery.
  27. Explore a favorite movie from when I was a child with my son. Done- Lion King.
  28. Go for a far-away vacation for mine and my husband’s anniversary.
  29. Balance my time better.
  30. Ground me from my phone for a time.
  31. Be more thankful.
  32. Be kinder.
  33. Conscious effort to take note of the beauty within every day.
  34. Picnic date with the fam jam. 
  35. Do 40 acts of intentional kindness.
  36. Run 10 miles at a time.
  37. Pull off a big surprise.
  38. Start a new family tradition.
  39. Find another hobby to enjoy.
  40. Star a blog. -Done

My Dream Vacation

My Dream Vacation

I am walking along with the hard, flat, perfectly temperature surface of Disney’s Blizzard Beach. My ten-year-old son is walking beside one side of me in a peaceful and calm manner, and my husband on the other side. The heat is just at the right temperature- not too hot- not too cold.  

I am experiencing all the enjoyment of the park I wish to enjoy. The rides are much to my enjoyment. I am not required to, as this is my dream vacation, embark upon a journey of any height. In my dream vacation, I would still be afraid of heights. I just feel safer that way. 

We have ample amounts of time and money is no object. We arrive early and leave at supper time. We have lunch at the park and we have breakfast and supper back out our 5-star resort hotel. Usually, I would pick a budget-friendly hotel, but a girl is allowed to dream.

I would curl up with a good book (yes I want to read on vacation) and a glass of white wine and spend the evening educating my mind. Then I would have a warm bath in the jacuzzi in my room. This would probably be my routine at least every other day. 

The following day I would journey out on the shuttle provided by the hotel to one of Disney’s parks. I believe I would choose the Magic Kingdom to allow for my son to see how exciting Disney can truly be. There would simply be no line ups for attractions and we would embark upon the journey to Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and It’s A Small World ride, among many other things. We would take in a show or two before heading back to our perfectly arranged bed and room, complete with complimentary wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, and sparkling juice for the little one.

The next day would just so happen to be Sunday. A day of rest. We would probably take in an online service through our complimentary wifi and hang out back at the hotel. Perhaps swim in the pool, watch some movies, do a bit more reading. 

Following this, we would absolutely have to attend Sea World, as the gentlemen in my life love animals. As do I. We would see a show or two and go on a few rides.

 I do not know if I would be able to handle all of this enjoyment. In my dream vacation though, I definitely would be. We engage in safari rides at the Animal Kingdom and take in a show.

I would do this type of activity day in, day out until my 2-week vacation was complete. Ideally, the Raptors would be playing the Orlando Magic and I’d see that with my fam jam. I would see as many attractions as possible.

Basically, my dream vacation would be to fly to Disney, stay in a 5-star hotel, take in a few shows, go on some rides, eat and drink 3 meals a day, that I do not have to cook nor do dishes for. I would also enjoy the idea of not having to be on too much of a strict schedule. 

I’m curious what would be your dream vacation? Where would you go? What would you do? Money is no object and neither is time. Fill me in on what is out there in the world.

What’s Wrong With The World and What I’d Do About It.

What is Wrong With the World and What I’d Do About It

Many things are right with the world: the love of Jesus, the beauty of creation, people with good hearts, the list can go on and on. That’s not the topic of my focus today. A blog post regarding this may follow at some point.

The first thing that comes to my mind, when searching within myself the question of “what’s wrong with the world?” is people and our misguided efforts to be something other than what we are created to be.

I am grateful and glad for free will. Life would not be just without it. We are bombarded with images by the media, and ideas of what they think we should think like, act like, and look like.

I think it is important to be authentic.

There are many things I will not cover in this post because they deserve a post all of their own, such as mental health, the importance of talking about it and recovery, among many others.

A few things that I would highlight as being a challenge of the world today are as follows:

1- The love of money, the misuse of it, and poverty. I believe they all sort of go hand in hand. Why do millionaires live below their means at times, are generous, and yet still can live financially comfortable? They have figured something out- gratitude. They are grateful that they have been blessed with this gift. I’ve heard many successful people say they pick a few things to be thankful for each day. When people love money it will be hard for them to enjoy life, I suspect because they squander away with greed. People misuse money and do not understand why they are stuck. Poverty- ah, the condition so many people fall into in today’s day in age. People cannot afford food, rent, or other necessities, let alone being able to enjoy anything. It is heartbreaking. what would I do about this? There are some things just about anyone could do, but If I was in a position of power, (I’m talking to you politicians and those with oodles of dough) this is what I’d do.

1.Build affordable housing units. This is sort of like a big “duh” stamped on the foreheads of most people. When funds are limited within the government or privately this would seem like a challenge. Does it have to be? What if we allocated funds wasted (really take a look at what we waste our money on) for affordable housing units, how many more lives could we make a difference in.
2.Build a building to house all of the homeless and staff it! I know there are homeless shelters, but perhaps there needs to be an in-between step. I suppose there is on some level. It needs more help. Teach individuals who need it how to live it on their own. Then watch them fly with their wings, as they grow in knowledge and skills.
3.Make a poverty tax (yes a poverty tax, no I’m not kidding, do a trial run or possibly feasibility study) It would go towards improving homelessness rates, jobless rates, food insecurity and medication/dental rates. How about making it sensible though? To charge anybody and everybody a poverty tax defeats the entire purpose, I think. I am trying to not force people into doing too much against their will, but we already pay taxes. Perhaps putting this onto people who are not doing their fair share would make the most sense. No, I have not figured out how to do this yet.
4.Lower the bank’s ability to charge ridiculous interest rates on things. People do make bad choices. Some people just have bad things happen to them, financially. Allowing banks to take advantage of either of these situations should be criminal. Maybe I am being a little extreme.
5.Create more opportunities for individuals and families to have their own homes. How? More community involvement, and make it more enticing. Perhaps, holding parties for those involved, or having families help families build each other’s homes. I know there is a service like this out there, but we can always improve. Actually- how about making this to be a job? For the homeless? For the working poor? And pay decent wages!
6.Mandating employers to employ those with disabilities and providing accommodations if needed. This already exists, but needs to be advertised more through social media or other avenues.
I’m realizing our government is poor and may be limited in what they can do.

7.Maybe mandating each workplace to donate an hour or two a week to help make this situation better. Whether it be time or money, I bet it would make a huge difference. Plant a tree, volunteer at a soup kitchen, I don’t know, be creative.
8. I’ve always held strong to the belief that one person, one smile, one handshake, can change the world. And if that can be true, what happens when an entire community comes together. I’ll be honest, I do not always do all I can to help combat the things that bother me, but I want to change. So, I guess one thing I would do is to work on myself and change myself. I hear people become like the people you are surrounded by.
9.We have conversations many times about many different things, but we need to have a conversation about this. And keep it going. A real campaign on poverty. Maybe this exists already (I think it does, somebody out there is educating the public about the facts surrounding poverty)
10. Fundraise. Fundraise. Maybe once we deal with poverty we can work on other problems of the world and move on to the next and the next. What kind of fundraising? Spaghetti Dinners, Dances, Auctions, Flea Markets, nickel and dime tables, once again, be creative, raffles on homes?
11. Involve individuals experiencing the problems being faced. (In this case poverty). This should be at the top of the list. It does not make sense to change things without consulting people who know first hand what it is like.
12. When working with people identify the main concerns and what are their solutions? It is amazing to find what can come out of problem-solving sessions when the right people are involved. It’s pointless to sit in meetings that talk about the same things and never get anywhere.
13. Involve others who care. Some people are more willing to help than we realize. We just have to ask.
14. Educate the public on the facts and progress and/or lack thereof. Do this through social media platforms.
15. Use the above as a reason to give somebody in the working poor category a livable wage. It would be amazing to use the skills so many people have and put them to good use.
16. Create more scholarships and bursaries, grants, etc…. For those experiencing poverty. Allow them to have the option to take trades, school, or pursue a passion in their field of interest, even if that means a way out of left field business idea. One never knows how it could go.

Problem # 2: The World Is Polluted.

Getting rid of plastic bags is a step in the right direction, I believe. It’s certainly not enough. We have created an environment full of pollution and we need to do something about it. Some people care, some people toss the idea out the window, just like that coffee cup they just chucked. This type of mindset needs to be stopped.

  1. What if we got rid of many things not reusable: plastic spoons, forks, knives, paper plates, etc… So much of it is a waste. (I know, guilty as charged). While this could be annoying for some, I believe it is a necessary step to combating this problem.
    Plant more trees. Cut down less? I am not versed in this knowledge, other than it seems to make sense.
  2. I love going for drives on back roads as much as the next person. With that being said Hybrid Vehicles need to be more attainable for the average human being. The lengthy wait times, the higher prices, they need to be erased.
  3. In the meantime, buses could have better systems. (If the government won’t pay for this and realize the benefit they are doing for the environment, perhaps the public could jump back on the fundraising efforts). If the government does wish to help, they could encourage more people into ridership with more tax benefits. Again- save on the environment- save the government money. Not rocket science.
    4.Encourage more walking/cycling, fewer cars on the road. I mean, I don’t think we would put car salespeople out of business- but it’s progress. For example, create more walking, biking, fitness in general challenges within workplaces, churches, community groups and more. This is great for the competitive, people trying to get in better shape, improve their mental health, among other things. Perhaps make it interesting and provide a contest prize.
    5.Encourage the creation and implementation of more local gardening. The intent here is not to put people out of business, rather than eliminate more pollution.
    6.Involve the community in how they would like to change and improve.
    7.Educate through social media and be upfront and honest about progress and/or lack thereof.

Problem # 3: Debt

Individuals, families, cities, provinces, countries, have all faced this issue. It is a difficult subject to navigate. I am not 100 percent sure on the ideas below, but why not give them a whirl.

1.Income tax clinics hold free opportunities and it leads me to question if they should (or do) have this for debt, regardless of the situation. I think they might, but I would not stop it.
2.In a perfect world, it would be all wiped away. It is not yet a perfect world, so making educational media posts about how to change and/or improve might be good.
2.Help the cost of living improve. Waves to the government Again, shop local.
3.Educate the public about certain cost-saving measures that many do not know about.

Problem # 4: People And Their Lack Of Compassion

Somehow, along the lines, people started to lack compassion. They do not understand others, they lack empathy, and need a reminder, or to be taught (if at all possible) the beauty of compassion. So what to do?! I suppose it to be true that some people just do not care about these things and you cannot force people to change. What would I do?

1.I think people are not uncompassionate on purpose. They’ve been hardened or trained this way. I would, therefore, remind them of what it means to care. I would ask of time in their life that they cared about something, if possible, in a non-judgemental way. Then, I would provide real life, or maybe even pretend, situation and ask how they felt that person was feeling.
2. I think, in my opinion, teaching compassion would be hard. Probably the best way to foster within someone a spirit of compassion is to show compassion. I’d listen to their heart and encourage others to do the same.

I know this is a controversial post. I know I did not even begin to scratch the surface of these topics and so many more important ones I did not discuss in this post. I hope to spark a conversation and to hear from readers what they think about these subjects, other subjects, and what you guys would do. Happy conversing.

Life Is Hard

Did you ever have a moment when you thought to yourself “man, life is hard?” For whatever the reasons, I am sure most people no matter what the level of success according to society, they may have, have thought this. 

One thing I have learned about myself is that when I read something, I read it because my goal is to learn something. Perhaps, to even make a change. 

So, how does one make a change. How do we, because I’d like to say that I’m in this with you, improve upon things.

It’s easier said than done to just “do something about it.” Just do it, improve our circumstances. On occasion things happen instantly to change our circumstances, either for the good or the bad. However, I am more inclined to believe, through my own experience, that things happen over time. 

I would highly recommend praying and see where God takes you. I am not always as faithful with this as I would like to be, but that does not change God’s faithfulness. There have been many-a-times in my life when I know I should have been on my knees praying  all along, because amazingly not too long after, I would receive response. Not always what I wanted, or even when I wanted it to happen, but ALWAYS God provided in a way that just made sense. 

One thing I would recommend is to not dwell on the past, it is something that more than anything else holds up back from moving forward. When we spend time thinking about the past, or reminding ourselves of the negative things that came about because of it, we are not moving forward. Moving forward is what we are striving for. No matter what our situation I believe everyone wants this.

I would also say that for the most part- we all have ideas about how to change. How to improve. How to move forward. Yet, we hold back. We procrastinate. We dilly-dally. So step out. 

Alas, stepping out of our comfort zone and into the realms of the unknown, now that is something I want to get on board with. This blog is very much out of my comfort zone and I am aiming to be more committed to it, among other things in my life. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone and the realms of your unknown, that will be different for you. Perhaps it is a baby step in the direction of something bigger. And maybe what you see as a baby step would be a giant leap for somebody else. 

Let’s not be hard on ourselves in this process .It is amazing that we want to change. Our motives for doing something matter. If you today made a list of why you wanted to do something, could we say to ourselves “my heart’s in the right place?” 

When we have a fear that can be good. It can also be detrimental to our success. It can be good because without fear we would not know the better things that are to come. It can be detrimental because we let it hold us back. 

Again, step out. A good thing to do, in my opinion, is to figure out what we want to do, and figure out how we are going to do it. I believe we have more time than we believe we do, and we have more resources than we knew to exist. So let’s try to use them wisely.

God bless.

Mandi’s Voice has spoken.

Going Deeper with God: Day 8- My Experience

Things started off great. I was feeling motivated, and inspired. After one day of spending intentional time alone with God, I received notice of something. It became apparent that some thing I had been praying for was “being processed.” I was excited, although I had not been given a direct result, yet.

Day 2 rolled around and I was increasingly motivated. I spent time with the Lord, and I felt His presence increasingly strong. Then I believe the enemy began to use things against me, my strong stubbornness, laziness, and my overall extreme fatigue.

I could not motivate myself to pray, or even prevent myself from going to bed early. It saddened me to the very core, yet I refused to give up. Days 5,6,7, I spent time with the Lord.

It sometimes looked different than I had intended. I knew that the enemy was trying to keep me from my time with the Lord. Although I was tired, and perhaps a bit frustrated, at times I would take my time with the Lord into the relaxing bath tub with me.

Although through out the day, I would still lift up many-a-quiet prayers to God, I wanted that intentional time alone with God. I believe He wanted me to be more intentional as well.

I feel closer to God, and although I know there is still so much more to learn, I have learned over the course of the week, that God will use just the right thing, at just the right time.

Although, I missed a couple of days, I read things that inspired me just when and where I needed to be. I am going to continue to embark upon this journey, and I will continue to monitor on here, how it is going.

God has been and always will be faithful. I am awaiting answers, and I know that whatever the answer will be, God’s got me. (There is something better in store, if the answer is no).

Going Deeper with God: My Experience

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a profit from any thing you purchased after clicking the link and purchasing from the same page, at no extra cost you.

For some time now, I have really wanted to dive deeper into my relationship with God. I do not know what that will look like, or even, necessarily, what that will mean. I am passionate about this, though.

I want to walk in the journey along with others, for a few reasons. 1)I am sure it will help keep me accountable.

2) I am hopeful others will be able to grow in their own experience.

3)I like connecting with others about my adventures.

4)Other people may have similar experiences and maybe in some way, mine can help.

I was reading in my Bible, just flipping through the pages, I never know where to go with my reading, but I am hopeful over the next 30 days, God will lead me in the right direction. Even though I’ve been in church my whole life, there is still so much more to learn and know about God. I was reading in my Inspire Bible: NLT: The Bible For Coloring and Creative Journaling. I love coloring in this! I came across Psalms, and I took note of a verse: Psalm 1:2- But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night.

I hope to come to a place where that is true for me, but for now, honestly, I am not there… yet. Over the course of the next few days, I intend to grow closer, and go deeper with God.

I am thankful for the gift of salvation of God’s Son, Jesus. I praise and thank Him for it. See some of my favorite songs to praise and worship with below: (Who You Say I Am) (Do it Again).

I am committing to 30 days of shutting the door of my office, and spending time with God, uninterrupted, for 30 minutes. Even if that means eating potato chips (I hope not!) until I am ready to dive deep. I’ve seen this on the “War Room” movie, highly recommend it. My cat has already interrupted this process, yet I am confident in God’s ability to do what He is going to do. He may say yes or no to the things I’m praying for, but at least I will know that He cares.

I felt God’s presence, while I was spending time with him this evening, reading His word, praying, and worshiping. Again, I do not know what to expect, and I am believing that I will grow closer to God, through this process.

I also spotted a book I had not read, standing on my bookshelf. “30 Days To Becoming A Woman of Prayer.” The chapter’s appear to be short, so I think it will be easy to keep up with. I am going to attempt to go through this as well. I will let you know how it works out! Would love for more people to try it out and share with me their feedback.

I hope you will consider walking along with me during this journey! If you, yourself, are interested in doing the same journey, I think that is awesome, and would encourage you to do so. I would also love to chat about how it’s going, your struggles and gains.

My struggle is and always has been- consistency. I can never seem to even so much as finish a book. My gain is that I spend time with the Lord, and in His presence, I know I am loved. (As are YOU!) I know being a christian is not an easy life, nobody ever said it was, yet I believe it is so worth it.

Cheers, please interact!

30 Things You May or May not Know About Me

Today, I thought it would be a nice idea to write about some things that make me, well, me. I chose 30, as that is my age. Also, sort of thought it would be a neat thing for my readers to get to know me, and hopefully get to know them a bit more.

1)I often pray for people when I hear sirens. I was thinking about this today as I saw an ambulance sitting outside of a local store.

2)My favorite hobby is writing. That’s sort of expected, right? The fact of the matter is, I believe you can do anything if you write. You can travel the world, see any body, have dinner with any one, oh my gosh. The list goes on. You can see or do any thing!

3)I love sailing. I love being on the water. The feeling of the wind blowing through my hair, and the butterflies in my stomach, while I ride the waves is just astonishing! I have not been in several years. One day, I’ll be there again!

4)I look up to people who are themselves. I can truly appreciate the authenticity of an authentic person. People who honest, and real, and do not try to be some body they are not.

5)Creation is Art. And I admire it. I love the beauty of Creation. It speaks to be in many ways, and I often am inspired by it.

6)One time, in high school, I fell up the stairs. It was pretty embarrassing, I do not think many people saw though.

7)My siblings influenced me by showing me hard work and determination. I’ve seen the way that they have overcome many obstacles to accomplish many goals.

8)My pet Pete is adorable. My cat is loving and cuddly.

9)I’m afraid of success. The thought actually terrifies me, what I could be dealing with, worried about being able to keep up, and being able to be consistent with my success.

10)The most unique item found in my home is a pillow. It is made from a shirt and pant’s of my son’s grandfather.

11)My dream is becoming a writer. I dream of inspiring the world through my written work.

12)My hidden talent is that I can sound like Chewbacca. That’s all.

13)My guilty pleasure is that I love spicy Doritos. I can eat them like they are going out of style.

14)An activity on my bucket list is to travel the world. I love the idea of seeing and doing all kinds of new things.

15)An accomplishment of mine, is that I have been published in 2 poetry books. I have had a couple of poems published in poetry books.

16)This one time at my job at a coffee shop, I had a coffee pot burst open all over me. Somebody clearly left an empty pot on a burner, which makes the pots crack, and then filled it and *BANG,* bursts open all over me.

17)During the summer, I usually love bonfires. I love s’mores, learned what spider dogs are recently, think they are cool, and also fellowship by the fire.

18)I volunteer greeting at church. I love getting to see new people.

19)Getting to share my story is meaningful to me. I love getting to share my story with others, so that I can help in their recovery.

20)My idea of a favorite family vacation would be Disney. I’ve been there twice and love so much about it!

21)The last movie I went to see was Dora. It was surprisingly decent for a kids show.

22)My favorite holiday is Easter. I love the meaning behind this, and I find it less commercialized than other’s.

23)I am an introvert. I am surprisingly shy, and uncomfortable meeting new people. I love to meet new people though.

24)If I had a warning label it would say “Danger. Once I pop, I don’t Stop. Referring to talking, when one-on-one.

25)If I could meet a celebrity it would be Joyce Meyer. She is so inspiring, having been through much and spreading Christ’s love through out the world.

26)In 10 years, I will have a successful blog with many followers. At least that is the goal!

27)I used to be able to converse conversationally in French. I seem to have lost this ability in my old age.

28)People say I am funny. I gather funny looking, perhaps they mean, but usually it is after a joke told.

29)One thing I will never do is bungee jumping. It looks terrifying!

30)My first job was babysitting.

I would love for other people to post the same type of article and I would love to read it, or even just add a couple to the comments below!