Reverse Bucket List: 10 Things I’ve Already Done

I got to thinking (often a dangerous task when you are me), but this time I was safe. In my thinking, I discovered I would
like to compile a list of things I have already done, that would have been on my bucket list had I not. So many times people are so busy trying to create a list of things they wish to do, that we forget to appreciate the things we have already been amazingly blessed with. These are not in any particular order.

  1. Getting married. I married my best friend. We laugh, we cry, we embrace, we do nothing and enjoy it blissfully, we do life together.
    2)Disney World. I got to go to Disney World with people I love. I saw many incredible things including the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. This made such an impact on me because as a young child, I LOVED to read and recently had read the book. I also found my thirst for adrenaline in Florida.
    3)Kayaking. I have been kayaking a total of three times, and while I got eaten alive by dear flies (though not quite literally, I’m still here), it was an amazing experience. It’s amazing to feel the wind blowing through my hair, as I am mere inches away from sitting on part of God’s great creation, the water.
    4)Sailing. I actually sailed for a few summers as a cadet. I have flown on a spinnaker, I have capsized with as much grace as possible (and nearly drowned once), I have hiked the waves with strength.
    5)Scotland. I traveled to Scotland, where I saw so much history, and also saw the Queen who attended the Scottish games. It was an incredible experience.
    6)Being a mom. While he drives me crazy at times, I love being a mom to my handsome nine-year-old.
    7)Starting this blog. I am excited to have started a blog and am looking forward to seeing where it takes me, and my readers!
    8)Putting my faith in Jesus. If this was in order, this would be number one. Without His love, my life would be like- an absolute mess!
    9)Being published. I was published in a couple of poetry books, solidifying my career as a writer.
    10)Sharing my story to help others. Each and every day, I am blessed with the opportunity to embark upon a journey with somebody experiencing similar things to what I went through.

I would love to hear some of your reverse bucket list ideas, in the comments below. Please feel free to share!

Published by Mandi

I am a Jesus follower, a wife, a mother. I will write about the variety of things God's creation has to offer.

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