Challenges of Spina Bifida: Wife’s Perspective

I love my darling husband, and he shows me how much he loves me on a daily basis through many different ways. Acts of kindness, grace, and love, among other things. However, today I am going to mention what I have noticed are some challenges of living life unable to walk, from my perspective.

I will, in no way, shape, or form, be able to explain the truest picture of what it’s like to be the one living with this disability. My aim here is to show some of the struggles that come along with living with it and loving somebody who does.

Travel is a challenge, finding accessible washrooms, and even rooms you can get into becomes difficult.

Going for a stroll, is daunting, especially in winter, when side walks are not plowed, full of ice, and the lips of the curb are often not even in a spot where you can get off off.

Movies, sporting events, shows, and other entertainment venues, do not allow for you to attend with more than one individual. This is because they only reserve one seat for you and a guest, when purchasing tickets, in the accessible seating.

Constipation is a struggle, leading to many uncomfortable days.

Stairs, stairs, stairs! They are every where! Why are there stairs every where you go. I’ve come to learn that I believe…stairs…are…stupid! Many-a-times have we been unable to attend certain things due to the stairs.

Accessible. I actually have come to despise that word, not because it is not important, yet because nearly every time we go some where’s we have to pose the question “are you accessible?” At times the answer, more often than not, is no.

People are often so quick to assume things as well. Not every disability is the same, and my husband is more able to do things than people realize. Assumptions are often made regarding his abilities, and this can be frustrating, at times.

My hope is that there would be more ramps built, and put more emphasis on educating the public on disabilities and how we can better support those with them.

There are quite a few more struggles involved with the challenges of having this type of physical disability, and would love to hear about any others that you may think of and any solutions you may have to solving the world or non accessibility.

Published by Mandi

I am a Jesus follower, a wife, a mother. I will write about the variety of things God's creation has to offer.

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  1. I love this post!!! I am all about sharing the realities od life we all go through. I was wondering if you would want to also share this story next wednesday on my page to reach more people with a link to your post and page. Message me later on messenger after you join the group and I can tell you more if you are interested.

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