Overcoming My Fear

It is no secret to most, that I love to write. It is, perhaps, a secret of mine, that I do not like to share my writing. Not because I do not want to share what I know, not because I do not want to use my gift. The reason, I do not like to share is- fear!

Imagine always wanting to do something, your entire life, and holding back, because of fear. I knew I would be worried about ridicule, constructive criticism, whether or not I could take it okay, and well, the mean people on the internet.

I put aside my dream for so long because of these reasons, never mind the possibilities that could come along with sharing my writing. Meeting and networking with new, wonderful people, possibly producing a new income, and sharing my ideas with the WORLD!

Below, I will share some ways that I overcame my fears.

1)I Prayed. I would suggest giving this an honest shot. I asked God what he would have me do and to give me courage. (Here I am).

2)I asked for feedback and advice from friends and family. I asked thoughts from the people I loved, and it was a huge encouragement.

3)I did positive self-talk. I told myself all the positive things I had heard from others about my writing, and also encouraged myself, by saying that I can do it.

4)I challenged negative thinking. I told the naysayers in my mind to get lost, essentially and basically. I challenged the negative thoughts with logical thinking.

5)I just did it! There comes a time in life, when we need to overcome our fears, and that is precisely what I did. I had to get over my fear, and put myself out there. I knew if I ever wanted to do what I loved and share my dreams and ideas with the world, I would have to get out there and do it. SO I DID!

Please share this article via your own social networks, and also let me know in the comments below a fear of your own and how you over came it!

Published by Mandi

I am a Jesus follower, a wife, a mother. I will write about the variety of things God's creation has to offer.

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