Life Is Hard

Did you ever have a moment when you thought to yourself “man, life is hard?” For whatever the reasons, I am sure most people no matter what the level of success according to society, they may have, have thought this. 

One thing I have learned about myself is that when I read something, I read it because my goal is to learn something. Perhaps, to even make a change. 

So, how does one make a change. How do we, because I’d like to say that I’m in this with you, improve upon things.

It’s easier said than done to just “do something about it.” Just do it, improve our circumstances. On occasion things happen instantly to change our circumstances, either for the good or the bad. However, I am more inclined to believe, through my own experience, that things happen over time. 

I would highly recommend praying and see where God takes you. I am not always as faithful with this as I would like to be, but that does not change God’s faithfulness. There have been many-a-times in my life when I know I should have been on my knees praying  all along, because amazingly not too long after, I would receive response. Not always what I wanted, or even when I wanted it to happen, but ALWAYS God provided in a way that just made sense. 

One thing I would recommend is to not dwell on the past, it is something that more than anything else holds up back from moving forward. When we spend time thinking about the past, or reminding ourselves of the negative things that came about because of it, we are not moving forward. Moving forward is what we are striving for. No matter what our situation I believe everyone wants this.

I would also say that for the most part- we all have ideas about how to change. How to improve. How to move forward. Yet, we hold back. We procrastinate. We dilly-dally. So step out. 

Alas, stepping out of our comfort zone and into the realms of the unknown, now that is something I want to get on board with. This blog is very much out of my comfort zone and I am aiming to be more committed to it, among other things in my life. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone and the realms of your unknown, that will be different for you. Perhaps it is a baby step in the direction of something bigger. And maybe what you see as a baby step would be a giant leap for somebody else. 

Let’s not be hard on ourselves in this process .It is amazing that we want to change. Our motives for doing something matter. If you today made a list of why you wanted to do something, could we say to ourselves “my heart’s in the right place?” 

When we have a fear that can be good. It can also be detrimental to our success. It can be good because without fear we would not know the better things that are to come. It can be detrimental because we let it hold us back. 

Again, step out. A good thing to do, in my opinion, is to figure out what we want to do, and figure out how we are going to do it. I believe we have more time than we believe we do, and we have more resources than we knew to exist. So let’s try to use them wisely.

God bless.

Mandi’s Voice has spoken.

Published by Mandi

I am a Jesus follower, a wife, a mother. I will write about the variety of things God's creation has to offer.

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