What’s Wrong With The World and What I’d Do About It.

What is Wrong With the World and What I’d Do About It

Many things are right with the world: the love of Jesus, the beauty of creation, people with good hearts, the list can go on and on. That’s not the topic of my focus today. A blog post regarding this may follow at some point.

The first thing that comes to my mind, when searching within myself the question of “what’s wrong with the world?” is people and our misguided efforts to be something other than what we are created to be.

I am grateful and glad for free will. Life would not be just without it. We are bombarded with images by the media, and ideas of what they think we should think like, act like, and look like.

I think it is important to be authentic.

There are many things I will not cover in this post because they deserve a post all of their own, such as mental health, the importance of talking about it and recovery, among many others.

A few things that I would highlight as being a challenge of the world today are as follows:

1- The love of money, the misuse of it, and poverty. I believe they all sort of go hand in hand. Why do millionaires live below their means at times, are generous, and yet still can live financially comfortable? They have figured something out- gratitude. They are grateful that they have been blessed with this gift. I’ve heard many successful people say they pick a few things to be thankful for each day. When people love money it will be hard for them to enjoy life, I suspect because they squander away with greed. People misuse money and do not understand why they are stuck. Poverty- ah, the condition so many people fall into in today’s day in age. People cannot afford food, rent, or other necessities, let alone being able to enjoy anything. It is heartbreaking.

Alright..so what would I do about this? There are some things just about anyone could do, but If I was in a position of power, (I’m talking to you politicians and those with oodles of dough) this is what I’d do.

1.Build affordable housing units. This is sort of like a big “duh” stamped on the foreheads of most people. When funds are limited within the government or privately this would seem like a challenge. Does it have to be? What if we allocated funds wasted (really take a look at what we waste our money on) for affordable housing units, how many more lives could we make a difference in.
2.Build a building to house all of the homeless and staff it! I know there are homeless shelters, but perhaps there needs to be an in-between step. I suppose there is on some level. It needs more help. Teach individuals who need it how to live it on their own. Then watch them fly with their wings, as they grow in knowledge and skills.
3.Make a poverty tax (yes a poverty tax, no I’m not kidding, do a trial run or possibly feasibility study) It would go towards improving homelessness rates, jobless rates, food insecurity and medication/dental rates. How about making it sensible though? To charge anybody and everybody a poverty tax defeats the entire purpose, I think. I am trying to not force people into doing too much against their will, but we already pay taxes. Perhaps putting this onto people who are not doing their fair share would make the most sense. No, I have not figured out how to do this yet.
4.Lower the bank’s ability to charge ridiculous interest rates on things. People do make bad choices. Some people just have bad things happen to them, financially. Allowing banks to take advantage of either of these situations should be criminal. Maybe I am being a little extreme.
5.Create more opportunities for individuals and families to have their own homes. How? More community involvement, and make it more enticing. Perhaps, holding parties for those involved, or having families help families build each other’s homes. I know there is a service like this out there, but we can always improve. Actually- how about making this to be a job? For the homeless? For the working poor? And pay decent wages!
6.Mandating employers to employ those with disabilities and providing accommodations if needed. This already exists, but needs to be advertised more through social media or other avenues.
I’m realizing our government is poor and may be limited in what they can do.

7.Maybe mandating each workplace to donate an hour or two a week to help make this situation better. Whether it be time or money, I bet it would make a huge difference. Plant a tree, volunteer at a soup kitchen, I don’t know, be creative.
8. I’ve always held strong to the belief that one person, one smile, one handshake, can change the world. And if that can be true, what happens when an entire community comes together. I’ll be honest, I do not always do all I can to help combat the things that bother me, but I want to change. So, I guess one thing I would do is to work on myself and change myself. I hear people become like the people you are surrounded by.
9.We have conversations many times about many different things, but we need to have a conversation about this. And keep it going. A real campaign on poverty. Maybe this exists already (I think it does, somebody out there is educating the public about the facts surrounding poverty)
10. Fundraise. Fundraise. Maybe once we deal with poverty we can work on other problems of the world and move on to the next and the next. What kind of fundraising? Spaghetti Dinners, Dances, Auctions, Flea Markets, nickel and dime tables, once again, be creative, raffles on homes?
11. Involve individuals experiencing the problems being faced. (In this case poverty). This should be at the top of the list. It does not make sense to change things without consulting people who know first hand what it is like.
12. When working with people identify the main concerns and what are their solutions? It is amazing to find what can come out of problem-solving sessions when the right people are involved. It’s pointless to sit in meetings that talk about the same things and never get anywhere.
13. Involve others who care. Some people are more willing to help than we realize. We just have to ask.
14. Educate the public on the facts and progress and/or lack thereof. Do this through social media platforms.
15. Use the above as a reason to give somebody in the working poor category a livable wage. It would be amazing to use the skills so many people have and put them to good use.
16. Create more scholarships and bursaries, grants, etc…. For those experiencing poverty. Allow them to have the option to take trades, school, or pursue a passion in their field of interest, even if that means a way out of left field business idea. One never knows how it could go.

Problem # 2: The World Is Polluted.

Getting rid of plastic bags is a step in the right direction, I believe. It’s certainly not enough. We have created an environment full of pollution and we need to do something about it. Some people care, some people toss the idea out the window, just like that coffee cup they just chucked. This type of mindset needs to be stopped.

  1. What if we got rid of many things not reusable: plastic spoons, forks, knives, paper plates, etc… So much of it is a waste. (I know, guilty as charged). While this could be annoying for some, I believe it is a necessary step to combating this problem.
    Plant more trees. Cut down less? I am not versed in this knowledge, other than it seems to make sense.
  2. I love going for drives on back roads as much as the next person. With that being said Hybrid Vehicles need to be more attainable for the average human being. The lengthy wait times, the higher prices, they need to be erased.
  3. In the meantime, buses could have better systems. (If the government won’t pay for this and realize the benefit they are doing for the environment, perhaps the public could jump back on the fundraising efforts). If the government does wish to help, they could encourage more people into ridership with more tax benefits. Again- save on the environment- save the government money. Not rocket science.
    4.Encourage more walking/cycling, fewer cars on the road. I mean, I don’t think we would put car salespeople out of business- but it’s progress. For example, create more walking, biking, fitness in general challenges within workplaces, churches, community groups and more. This is great for the competitive, people trying to get in better shape, improve their mental health, among other things. Perhaps make it interesting and provide a contest prize.
    5.Encourage the creation and implementation of more local gardening. The intent here is not to put people out of business, rather than eliminate more pollution.
    6.Involve the community in how they would like to change and improve.
    7.Educate through social media and be upfront and honest about progress and/or lack thereof.

Problem # 3: Debt

Individuals, families, cities, provinces, countries, have all faced this issue. It is a difficult subject to navigate. I am not 100 percent sure on the ideas below, but why not give them a whirl.

1.Income tax clinics hold free opportunities and it leads me to question if they should (or do) have this for debt, regardless of the situation. I think they might, but I would not stop it.
2.In a perfect world, it would be all wiped away. It is not yet a perfect world, so making educational media posts about how to change and/or improve might be good.
2.Help the cost of living improve. Waves to the government Again, shop local.
3.Educate the public about certain cost-saving measures that many do not know about.

Problem # 4: People And Their Lack Of Compassion

Somehow, along the lines, people started to lack compassion. They do not understand others, they lack empathy, and need a reminder, or to be taught (if at all possible) the beauty of compassion. So what to do?! I suppose it to be true that some people just do not care about these things and you cannot force people to change. What would I do?

1.I think people are not uncompassionate on purpose. They’ve been hardened or trained this way. I would, therefore, remind them of what it means to care. I would ask of time in their life that they cared about something, if possible, in a non-judgemental way. Then, I would provide real life, or maybe even pretend, situation and ask how they felt that person was feeling.
2. I think, in my opinion, teaching compassion would be hard. Probably the best way to foster within someone a spirit of compassion is to show compassion. I’d listen to their heart and encourage others to do the same.

I know this is a controversial post. I know I did not even begin to scratch the surface of these topics and so many more important ones I did not discuss in this post. I hope to spark a conversation and to hear from readers what they think about these subjects, other subjects, and what you guys would do. Happy conversing.

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