My Dream Vacation

My Dream Vacation

I am walking along with the hard, flat, perfectly temperature surface of Disney’s Blizzard Beach. My ten-year-old son is walking beside one side of me in a peaceful and calm manner, and my husband on the other side. The heat is just at the right temperature- not too hot- not too cold.  

I am experiencing all the enjoyment of the park I wish to enjoy. The rides are much to my enjoyment. I am not required to, as this is my dream vacation, embark upon a journey of any height. In my dream vacation, I would still be afraid of heights. I just feel safer that way. 

We have ample amounts of time and money is no object. We arrive early and leave at supper time. We have lunch at the park and we have breakfast and supper back out our 5-star resort hotel. Usually, I would pick a budget-friendly hotel, but a girl is allowed to dream.

I would curl up with a good book (yes I want to read on vacation) and a glass of white wine and spend the evening educating my mind. Then I would have a warm bath in the jacuzzi in my room. This would probably be my routine at least every other day. 

The following day I would journey out on the shuttle provided by the hotel to one of Disney’s parks. I believe I would choose the Magic Kingdom to allow for my son to see how exciting Disney can truly be. There would simply be no line ups for attractions and we would embark upon the journey to Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and It’s A Small World ride, among many other things. We would take in a show or two before heading back to our perfectly arranged bed and room, complete with complimentary wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, and sparkling juice for the little one.

The next day would just so happen to be Sunday. A day of rest. We would probably take in an online service through our complimentary wifi and hang out back at the hotel. Perhaps swim in the pool, watch some movies, do a bit more reading. 

Following this, we would absolutely have to attend Sea World, as the gentlemen in my life love animals. As do I. We would see a show or two and go on a few rides.

 I do not know if I would be able to handle all of this enjoyment. In my dream vacation though, I definitely would be. We engage in safari rides at the Animal Kingdom and take in a show.

I would do this type of activity day in, day out until my 2-week vacation was complete. Ideally, the Raptors would be playing the Orlando Magic and I’d see that with my fam jam. I would see as many attractions as possible.

Basically, my dream vacation would be to fly to Disney, stay in a 5-star hotel, take in a few shows, go on some rides, eat and drink 3 meals a day, that I do not have to cook nor do dishes for. I would also enjoy the idea of not having to be on too much of a strict schedule. 

I’m curious what would be your dream vacation? Where would you go? What would you do? Money is no object and neither is time. Fill me in on what is out there in the world.

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I am a Jesus follower, a wife, a mother. I will write about the variety of things God's creation has to offer.

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