My Dream House: What’s Yours?

I do not care who you are, where you live, your socioeconomic status, or personality type. We all have a dream house, whether it to be from simply going to an apartment to a cozy bungalow, or really jumping ahead to a mansion. I am going to write about what my dream house, would be like. When I dream, I like to dream like money and time are no object. I don’t think there is too much wrong with that.

Following this entry, my hope is that you would share what your dream house would be like. Perhaps you’ve already been blessed with it! Maybe it seems far out of reach. Either way, I want to read about it.

I would have a one level home. My husband is wheelchair bound, so this just makes sense for my family. There would be four bedrooms. The master bedroom would have his/her sinks in its bathroom. There would be a walk in shower in this, along with a jaccuzzi tub in the corner. I would have a walk (roll) in closet for both my husband and myself.

Three bathrooms- one for each of us.

My son’s bedroom would be large with plenty of storage for his toys and other belongings.

We would have two large guest rooms, for- you guessed it- guests!

There would be a studio room for my husband’s youtube channel and I would have an office to do my writing in.

There would a work out room, equipped with gym equipment such as weights and cardio machines.

I would have a basket ball court in my home along with a pool for swimming.

I would have state of the art SMART kitchen and living room, with lights that change colors based on the sport I am watching. That’s not too over the top is it?

And of course, last but certainly not least, a prayer room, a place to go to commit to prayer on a daily basis.

Again, please let me know about your dream home in the comment section. Happy interacting!

Published by Mandi

I am a Jesus follower, a wife, a mother. I will write about the variety of things God's creation has to offer.

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  1. My dream house is to live next to a lake (imagine lake Geneva) with views of beautiful mountains (imagine the alps). This house will be humbly small but just big enough for a family of 5. It’ll have a small detached guest house for our family and friends.

    Everything will be minimalistically decorated with flowers adorned in every room. We’ll also have a garden where these fresh flowers will be picked from.

    That’s my dream house 🙂


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