The Long Road Ahead and Already Travelled

Haven’t we all been on a journey before that we felt was a long road to endure, to go on. Perhaps you feel like you are on the long road now, maybe you’ve already been there. I would love to hear about your journey and I will share a bit of mine. I believe my […]

What’s Wrong With The World and What I’d Do About It.

What is Wrong With the World and What I’d Do About It Many things are right with the world: the love of Jesus, the beauty of creation, people with good hearts, the list can go on and on. That’s not the topic of my focus today. A blog post regarding this may follow at some […]

Going Deeper with God: Day 8- My Experience

Things started off great. I was feeling motivated, and inspired. After one day of spending intentional time alone with God, I received notice of something. It became apparent that some thing I had been praying for was “being processed.” I was excited, although I had not been given a direct result, yet. Day 2 rolled […]